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About turismerural.com

About us / A bit of history / Our collaborators

About us


Turismerural.com is a group of people who, although from different angles, all have one big thing in common: we’re passionate about country holiday homes. Turismerural.com is a project made up of three large groups that, individually, wouldn’t make sense. One group works every day to offer beautiful, quality country holiday houses; another enjoys this type of tourism in their free time; and the final group works to make relations between the previous two as easy, dynamic and pleasant as possible. This channel is totally direct and without intermediaries.

We, Anna and Joan, fall into this last group, though we must confess that we also belong in the other two: we manage four country holiday homes and, when we can, we love to get away and visit others. These were the two main reasons that motivated and pushed us to take on this new project: www.turismerural.com.

We have owned and managed this site since 2011. The road to 2014 has been long and intense. It has been a time of analysis, reflection, assessments, decision-making and growth in many ways. This time has allowed us to delve deeper into rural tourism in Catalonia, gain a better understanding of its future and, above all, assess and decide, taking into account the new technology available, the best way to contribute to making rural tourism in Catalonia a significant, consolidated part of the tourism sector. Our aim is to work towards this goal. So, on one hand, we will strive to make life easier for all those who work first hand providing good service in the sector. And, on the other, we will help those who love rural tourism and want to get out in nature and discover Catalonia in greater detail through rural tourism.

Having started down this road, we must pursue it relentlessly, never forgetting that we must constantly adapt to current needs and desires, taking on new challenges and trying to set ourselves apart from the crowd. We try to do all of this and more by doing things right and making things easy. Because easy, simple things usually make the difference. We’d love for you to guide us and send us your suggestions whenever you want. We’ll be here and we’re always working our hardest to improve rural tourism in Catalonia day by day, in every way.

A bit of history

Roots are important

Turismerural.com has a long and curious history that we’re fond of remembering, as we wouldn’t be where we are today without it.

Turismerural.com took its first steps in the late ’90s as the first portal specialising in rural tourism in Catalonia.

Xavi and Santi, two passionate adventurers, met at a volunteer workcamp in Yugoslavia. They became friends and kept in touch when they got back to Catalonia. Rural tourism was just beginning to develop in Catalonia and, as the good travellers they were, they began to travel around the region. At that time, the only way to know what was available in this segment was through published guides, on paper, which had two problems: first of all, they went out of date almost immediately and, secondly, the information and photos available were often scarce. So, before leaving, you were always left wondering: what will the country holiday house really be like when we get there?

These shortcomings were the motivation behind the turismerural.com project, which initially began as a hobby. The Internet was just starting to take off and they had the brilliant idea of developing an online rural tourism guide. The idea couldn’t have been better. By putting the guide online, they got rid of all the problems users normally ran into: the information could be updated daily and include as much detail and as many photos as the owners wanted!

So, no sooner said than done. They started to develop turismerural.com and began travelling around Catalonia to attract country holiday houses. They made the guide as they went, tailored to their needs, and the number of houses continued to grow. Without stopping to think about it or trying too hard, the number of visitors to turismerural.com continued to grow, making it one of the benchmark portals in Catalonia. It was a good idea, and rural tourism aficionados had found it.

After twelve years of on-going evolution and growth, Xavi and Santi no longer had the time the project required. What had started out as a hobby had turned into a professional project that had taken on a whole new dimension. The world of the Internet had changed and they began looking for young people with drive who were familiar with new technology and the demands of the sector. And that’s when we came on the scene, Anna and Joan.

Since 2011 we’ve been working to make sure the project Santi and Xavi started will continue and advance even further. With this new portal, with its fully modernised design, substantially improved applications, social media optimisation, etc. we’re sure this will be the case and that Santi and Xavi will be happy and satisfied with this continuation of the project they put so much of their own passion into.

Our collaborators

A great little family

It’s clear that a project like turismerural.com must involve professionals from many different sectors, and this has been the case from the very beginning. Without our collaborators, this project would never have been possible, and we think they deserve to be recognised for all of their hard work. We thank them.

Many people have participated and we want to thank each and every one of them.


Ramon Garriga, our graphic designer with the seal Gratstudio. An old friend and great professional. He has unique, fun ideas and fresh, clean design. In addition to design, he has also been by our side offering guidance and ideas on how to improve turismerural.com.

Clara Niubó

An extremely versatile artist: great jeweller and illustrator. Also sister, friend, advisor, etc. From the beginning she has encouraged and supported us, given her opinion and, the most important, made a very special, highly unique map of Catalonia for Turisme Rural. County by county, using various different types of materials and techniques, Clara has created a map with loads of personality, quite deserving of this great little jewel: Catalonia.

Art Digital

An agency specialising in online services. In other words, Art Digital are the ones who have created the gears that make everything work. Francesc has been our ally at Art Digital, a great programmer and IT expert who has been able to make us comfortable moving forward with a project of this scope. He has advised us at all times and guided us through IT issues that can often be quite confusing…


To Grafitogris for having expressed the feelings that come to mind when we think of rural tourism in their images.

Guillermo Portillo

To Guillermo Portillo for his eye, delicacy and excellence in capturing every last detail.